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MHS Alumni Hall of Fame

Service to St. Marys City Schools

A person who has distinguished him/herself by superior service to the St. Marys City Schools in any capacity. A person nominated for this hall of fame need not have attended or graduated from the St. Marys City Schools.

Nominee must demonstrate good character
and be in good standing with the community.

The 2019 MHS Alumni Foundation Hall of Fame
Inductee for Service to St. Marys City Schools

Mr. Albert J. "Prof" Kohler

Past Inductees:

Mr. Harold H. "H.H." Cook, 2015
Mr. Charles C. McBroom, 2014
Mr. Scott E. Stienecker, 2013
Mr. Larry Shelby, 2012
Mr. Robert W. Reed, 2011
Mr. Jack A. Lawler, 2010
Mr. Frank Dennings, 2009
Mrs. Ronda Shelby, 2008
Mr. Eugene "Skip" Baughman, 2007

There were no 2016-2018 MHS Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees.

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