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Alumni Hall of Fame
Service to St. Marys City Schools (2013)

Scott E. Stienecker

Scott E. Stienecker, a native of St. Marys, is a 1978 graduate of Memorial High School. Mr. Stienecker has served his alma mater by financially supporting educational and extra – curricular programs that have enhanced the academic experience of students in the St. Marys City Schools. Furthermore, Scott Stienecker has been the sole benefactor of the Carpe Diem Scholarship, which has funded the college aspirations of numerous, “diamond in the rough” graduates of St. Marys Memorial High School.

Mr. Stienecker's generous financial support of the St. Marys City Schools and its students was made possible by the professional success he achieved in a long and continuing career in the music promotions industry, a success built on his ability to sieze the moment, and expanded by persistance to his vision. He knew what he wanted to do, and relentlessly pursued it.

After graduating from Memorial High School, Scott attended Bowling Green State University and The Ohio State University. At Bowling Green, Scott carved the names of famous concert promoters, including Jules Belkin of Belkin Productions and Bill Graham, in his dorm closet wall. But his dreams needed a bigger stage, and he transferred to the Ohio State University and joined the OSU Pep Board. At OSU, Scott co–promoted shows with Belkin Productions on behalf of the University, that brought Black Sabbath and AC/DC to Ohio State’s St. John Arena.

In 1981, Scott left behind university life and moved to San Francisco, California, to intern with legendary concert promoter Bill Graham.

The opportunity to purchase the Agora Theater on High Street in Columbus brought Mr. Stienecker back to Ohio in 1983. He founded PromoWest Productions and raised $180,000 as a 23-year-old to purchase and renovate the Agora property. Now renamed the Newport Music Hall, it is known as “Longest Continually Running Rock Club in America,” and it has hosted many famous acts including Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Reba McEntire, Metallica, Pearl Jam, The Monkees, and Queen.

In 1994, Scott joined a partnership to build and operate Polaris Amphitheater, a beautiful outdoor amphitheater in north Columbus, Ohio. In 1997, this venue was sold to SFX Entertainment. Also in 1997, PromoWest produced the concerts of the Rolling Stones and U2 at Ohio Stadium.

Scott has promoted and produced more than 6000 concerts, including Aerosmith, The Eagles, John Mellencamp, Phil Collins, Janet Jackson, and George Strait. He has established himself as one of America’s most successful independent promoters and has established Columbus, Ohio as a primary market in the concert industry.

PromoWest Productions has grown to become the largest privately owned concert promoter in the Midwest, and is one of the top ten rock promoters in the country. Employing approximately 500 people and producing 400 to 600 concerts annually, PromoWest owns and operates four of Columbus, Ohio’s most popular live music and entertainment venues: The LC Pavilion, Newport Music Hall, The Basement and A&R Music Bar. PromoWest has also expanded operations by joining the legendary owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Art Rooney, to open a venue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In 1983, Scott Stienecker began operation of PromoWest Productions Incorporated with the mission of bringing quality, big-name entertainment and emerging talent to Central Ohio. He remains President and Chief Executive Officer of PromoWest, and it is safe to say that by his hard work and dedication Mr. Stienecker has achieved his mission.

His vision, entreprenuerial instincts and managerial abilities have led him to an enduring and high level of success in a profession usually known for unpredictability and risk. Throughout his career, he has remained loyal to his roots, as proven by his continuing generosity toward his home town school. In recognition of both the example he sets and the support he provides for St. Marys students, the St. Marys Memorial High School Alumni Foundation inducts Scott E. Stienecker into its Hall of Fame.

The above text, in its entirety, is embossed on a St. Marys Memorial High School Alumni Hall of Fame plaque permanently on display in Memorial High School.

Copyright St. Marys MHS Alumni Foundation